Russian language - open beta

Тема в разделе "В тылу врага 2: Штурм (MOW: Assault Squad)", создана пользователем DMS|Instinct, 1 фев 2011.

  1. Spartacus86

    Spartacus86 Зарегистрированный

    No, the point was: I didnt want to change the whole interface and change english to russian.I just wanted to be able to see cyrillic in the game chat.:) I have already solved this problem;) I just copied folder "font" from the language.pak. But I thought why it is so difficult to add in final version of MOW:AS(not only in russian version) support of cyrilic in the chat writing?Because many peoples who play in MOW use cyrilic
    , also from Balkan countries.It seems to me it is not big deal to add support of cyrilic or maybe I am wrong?:rolleyes: But in any case it is only my proposition to developers.:)
  2. Ханомаг

    Ханомаг Зарегистрированный

    А если я сам language.pak перепишу, меня с серверов кикать будет?
  3. DMS|Instinct

    DMS|Instinct Digitalmindsoft, CEO Зарегистрированный

    I see, well the game engine is not supporting UTF-8, without it cross over language won't work. When you use Russian font, you can read English, bu you can't use all letters (keyboard config is different).

  4. fantom

    fantom Зарегистрированный

    to DMS|Instinct В скирмише не переведено название юнитов в меню покупки
  5. Guf

    Guf Зарегистрированный

    Ханомаг, недолжно...
  6. Ксерокс

    Ксерокс Зарегистрированный

    обновите ссылку!
  7. Spartacus86

    Spartacus86 Зарегистрированный

    Напиши Herr Instincty, пусть выложит анологичную новую такую папку только уже для полной игры!

    Кстати вопрос to Herr Instinct, вопрос почему в MOWAS не банять тех людей кто матерится на русском?!Не связано ли это с тем что английская версия игры не поддерживает кирилицу в чате!?Почему ДМС до сих пор не может устранить эту проблему?!Поверьте это очень напрягает!
  8. Spartacus86

    Spartacus86 Зарегистрированный

    I am not fully agree with you maybe I am not correctly understand current topic with UTF-8 and game engine .But I would like to say when I replaced from this Language pak only folder font to the corresponding folder in Game folder I am able now to write and read in English(it works correctly also with Dutch keyboard) as well as in Russian. Maybe it will be some problem with for instance with German but i didnt check it.So my question is: why you cannot create universal folder font with main languages and install it once from Steam?Because in game a lot of russian speaking players and when others cannot read they massages sometimes it contains also a lot of offensive words, trust me it is very annoying!

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